About Us

CAPABLE stands for Caring, Active People Achieving Better Lives Everyday.

CAPABLE is a nonprofit organization with its office and program located at 1900 JFK RD, Dubuque, Iowa  52002.  CAPABLE clients are adults ages 20-65 who have physical, medical, or mental health challenges.

Mission Statement
:  To connect adults who have physical, medical, or mental health challenges with volunteer opportunities and to make a difference in their lives, in our community, and in the world.

Vision:  People with challenges, ages 20-65, will use their abilities to be self-confident, contributing members of our community.  

Three options are available to CAPABLE clients:

  1. Volunteering with organizations in our community.
  2. Attending a workshop at our office at 1900 JFK Rd. to perform volunteer tasks.
  3. Performing volunteer tasks from home if outings are physically challenging.

CAPABLE connects people to the option of their choice which fits their needs and abilities.  The workshop includes tasks requested by organizations in the community, ongoing activities that serve others, and the creation of items to be donated to fundraisers or sold with the majority of the income benefiting those in need in our community or in the world.  CAPABLE volunteers may volunteer at special events, working with other groups or organizations to benefit others.  An annual service trip is an opportunity for CAPABLE volunteers to serve others for several days in another city.



CAPABLE Volunteer Co Board of Directors:
Julie Schulte, Don Pins, Kelly Nielson, Jennifer Mai.

Executive Director: Julie Schulte