Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Need 1

CAPABLE Volunteer: Must have a physical, medical, or mental health challenge, ages 20-65, who wants to volunteer at a site in the community, at our weekly workshop, or at special events. (Approximately 2 hours/week; flexible.)


After filling out the application, a meeting will be set up to determine what you’d like to do and what schedule you want.  You will choose your top three sites from a list of over 50 sites in the Dubuque area.  If you want to volunteer outside of Dubuque, our team will research options and make connections in your area.Special events are available throughout the year to help CAPABLE or other organizations with their fundraising events.An annual service trip is offered each fall where CAPABLE volunteers help in another city for 2-4 days. If close by, volunteers may choose to participate for one day.

*The following volunteer opportunities are open to Administrative volunteers (people with or without challenges) or CAPABLE Volunteers (people with challenges) :

Volunteer Need 2

Development and Marketing Coordinator: Any age/situation, who wants to help with program development, community education, and fundraising. (Approximately 4-6 hours/week or ‘as needed.’)

Volunteer Need 3

Social Media Manager: Any age/situation, who wants to help with Facebook, our website, and engaging print/radio. (Approximately 2-4 hours/week or ‘as needed.’) 

Volunteer Need 4

Drivers: Must have driver’s license and insurance, who wants to help our volunteers get to their volunteer site, our workshop or special events. (Approximately 2-4 hours/week or ‘as needed.’)

madison dean helps trim at Habitat for Humanitymadison jake hands out produce 2014


Learn more about CAPABLE Volunteer- see our brochure